Mykonos Villas Now
by Mykonos Concierge



Water is very precious on the island, please do not waste it. For the majority of Mykonos properties the water comes from a water tank, which is available in limited quantity, and it is not drinkable. In the unlike event that you will experience a shortage of water which is not due to a power blackout, please contact us immediately, we will do anything we can to reestablish supply. You may also experience low pressure for short period of time, due to high contemporal usage of the water in the house by different users.



Short blackouts can occur often on the island, especially during high season. In this case the water supply will also be interrupted. Blackouts may cause the switches on the main electricity panel of the house to go OFF. When the blackout is over, please check that all switches are ON, including those that control the hot water system. Power surge are also common and can damage appliances. In case you experience problems with any of the appliances, please contact us, we will do everything we can to resolve the problem.



Please use ONLY plastic glasses around the pool. A tiny piece of broken glass can severely damage the pool filters and be very dangerous for your safety. Please advise us immediately in case of any broken glasses around or into the pool. Please do not use any kind of oil-base tanning lotion as it can permanently stain the tiles around the pool and the sun bed mattresses. The pool will be maintained and cleaned twice weekly by the property personnel. If you feel that there are any problems with the pool’s water, please contact us, we will do everything we can to resolve the problem.



Mykonos is a windy island and the wind can pick up at any time of the day or night. A strong wind can even blow away heavy furniture, therefore it is important to remember to :

  • Bring all cushions inside when you leave the house
  • Collect all plates and glasses left outside
  • Bring all pool towels inside
  • Make sure all doors and windows are either closed or secured so they don’t bang and break. A broken window can take several days to be repaired and can compromise your safety and that of those coming after you. Please not that it is your responsibility to prevent any damage to the house due to the wind.



Please behave at the villa as if it was yours. Remember you are renting someone else’s private house : be very respectful of its contents and furnishing at all time.



Please lock the property at night and whenever you are not at home. Although Mykonos is a safe island, we advise you to take all precautions. The property provides a safe with a key and you can use it for your valuables. In any case we cannot be held responsible for their loss or misplacement. Always draw the medal curtains when the windows are open : this will prevent insects and lizards of coming into the property.



Cleaning time sessions are set. Twice a week the cleaning lady will change bed linens and towels, make up beds, tidy up all bedrooms and clean the bathrooms. For extra service, please contact us to arrange it at extra charge. Please be advised not to leave any garbage or food in the garden around the house, as it can attract wild animals and cats. Please use the provided bins for that, and the house personnel will come and collect them regularly.



This property does not have a fixed telephone line. However, a WI-FI internet connection is available in the house.



For any assistance needed do not hesitate to contact us.